New Short Fiction: I Will See What I Can Do by Jackie Reuben

A fantastic new short fiction is now available from Beyond Trangression. Please note that this story deals with explicit themes and language.

img‘I Will See What I Can Do.’  by Jackie Reuben

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New Short Story: The Shit by Jason Lee

By r2hox from Madrid, Spain (Lisboa_2011_108  Uploaded by tm) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Do you know a ‘shit’? Jason Lee’s new short story, ‘The Shit’, exclusively for Beyond Transgression is now online.

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Radio Leicester talks to DMU Professor and author Jason Lee

jason lee

Jason Lee discusses his influences as a writer, with some favourite records, and his thoughts on the media with BBC Radio Leicester’s Ben Jackson

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DMU writer explores seedy life of millionaire footballer in new novel – Spit Roast by Jason Lee

The excesses of a millionaire footballer in a celebrity-obsessed world come under the spotlight in a new novel penned by a De Montfort University Leicester (DMU) academic.

Professor Jason Lee’s new book Spit Roast tells the story of John Tao, an internationally famous sports star who earns £500,000 a week.

Set in the near future, where the Chinese economy has grown to dominate the globe, Tao is exposed by the press in a sleazy affair.

Hunted by paparazzi in a world where mass online media has led to a total loss of privacy, Tao is drawn into a murky underworld, meeting a cast of characters whose intentions he can no longer trust.

Professor Lee, who is the Head of Leicester Media School, said he wanted to look at celebrity culture and media attention in his new book.

Spit Roast

He said: “I set it in the near future so we would have a world we recognised but which was pushed just a little further in the direction things seem to be going.

“In my book, John Tao is a successful footballer on a lot of money in the eye of relentless media attention. It is an examination of what this can do to a life and how actually, despite the freedom you might think he has with that kind of life, how much of a slave he is to the system in which he exists.

“This is a literary novel for people who might not normally read about footballers but I think that by looking at this more obscene or extreme ends of our society we can really look at who we are as people.”

Spit Roast follows Professor Lee’s last book, Unholy Days, which was set in Tenerife and inspired by the controversial circumstances surrounding the death of media mogul Robert Maxwell in 1991.

Professor Lee said: “I am interested, broadly, in transgression, in the way people create boundaries and then cross them and these themes have connected a lot of my work.”

Spit Roast is published by Roman Books, priced at £8.99. It is available at

– See more at:

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Midlands3Cities PhD funding for UK/EU students

AHRC (Arts and Humanities Research Council)

The Midlands3Cities Doctoral Training Partnership is an AHRC funded collaborative project, which brings together the resources of six universities: Nottingham, Nottingham Trent, Leicester, De Montfort, Birmingham and Birmingham City University. For 2016 entry, the DTP will award 89 PhD Arts and Humanities Research Council studentships for UK/EU applicants.

M3C provides candidates with an opportunity to benefit from a world-class research environment, cross-institutional mentoring, expert supervision teams (including cross-institutional supervision where appropriate), subject-specific and generic training, and professional support in preparing for an academic career. In addition, M3C works with a range of regional, national and international creative industry partners including among others the National Archives, British Museum, British Film Institute (BFI), City Museum and Gallery services (Birmingham, Leicester and Nottingham), Nottingham Contemporary, Curve in Leicester, and Heritage England.

The Media Discourse Group (MDG) and CATH (Cinema and Television History) Centre at the Leicester Media School, De Montfort University

Within the field of Media, Communication and Film Studies, two Centres at De Montfort University are currently inviting applications from students wishing to undertake PhD research.

The Media Discourse Group (MDG) is concerned with the sociological and ethnographic aspects of Media consumption, and includes the study of Protest and the Media, Social Media and Community, News and Journalism, and Feminist Media Discourses (see below for full list).

The Cinema and Television History (CATH) Centre at De Montfort University undertakes a wide range of research in Film and TV, including work on Screen Industries, Hollywood, Film Ephemera, Women and Film, and TV Drama (see below for full list).

Expressions of Interest, including a CV and an outline proposal, should be sent by Friday 6th November to the following recipients: Professor Jason Lee at, Professor Stuart Price, at and Professor Steve Chibnall at

Film and Television History

Screen Industries

Women in Film and Television

Silent Cinema

Genre Cinema and Television

Hollywood Stars, Studios and Directors

Film financing

Film advertising and promotion

Film magazines

Media Audiences and Fandom

Production Studies

Film Exhibition

British and Italian Cinema

UK and US Television Drama

Social/Digital Media

Media Discourse, Gender and Identity

Media Representations of Disability

Discourses of Advertising

Global Media Forms

Club Cultures and Ethnography

Media Discourse and Politics

Feminism and Media

Representations of Class

Media Discourse and Protest

Media Discourse and Journalism

Critical Security Studies and Media

The European Public Sphere

Political Communication

The deadline for AHRC M3C funding applications is 12 January 2016, by which time students must have applied for a place to study and have provided two references to a university within the DTP.

Candidates wishing to pursue PhD study with the Media Discourse Group, please contact Professor Stuart Price, at

See also the MDG webpages:

Candidates who would like to discuss studying for a PhD in the CATH Centre, please contact Professor Steve Chibnall at:

See also the CATH webpages:

For full details of eligibility, funding and research supervision areas (including use of the supervision search tool) please visit or contact

Information and proposal-writing workshops will be hosted in each of the three partner cities. Register for the workshop in Leicester on Wednesday 11th November 2015, at the University of Leicester. The workshop will take place from 1:30-3:30pm in the Peter Williams Lecture Theatre in the Fielding Johnson Building (South Wing). Students can register through eventbrite

Who is eligible to apply?

AHRC funding in the Midlands3Cities Doctoral Training Partnership is currently only open to UK and EU students. Please note that EU students who have not lived in the UK for three years prior to the start of their degree might only be eligible for partial funding. For more information, see:

Key Dates

Application Writing Workshop

Wednesday 11 November 2015

1.30pm to 3.30pm

Peter Williams Lecture Theatre, University of Leicester

Student application deadline

Tuesday 12 January 2016 (midnight)

Successful students notified by email: 23 March 2016

Reserves notified: 23 March 2016

Deadline for students to confirm award: 12 April 2016

Stuart Price
Professor of Media and Political Discourse

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Open Research Seminar – Celebrity, Police Collusion and Conspiracy – Contemporary Child Sexual Abuse Scandals

Open Research Seminar, Faculty of Technology Research Seminar Series – De Montfort University. Leicester

Date and time: 1:00-2:00 pm Wednesday 10th of June 

Venue: GH3.79 ( Gateway House, De Montfort University, LE19BH)

Title : Celebrity, Police Collusion and Conspiracy – Contemporary Child Sexual Abuse Scandal

Professor Jason Lee (Leicester Media School, DMU)

More details can be found from :


In March 2015 the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) announced an inquiry into ‘high-level corruption of the most serious nature’ including the suppression of evidence into child sexual abuse cases involving high profile figures (White 2015). Abnormal pathology can be part of celebrity culture, especially ‘erotomania’ (Redmond 2014, 115, Harper 2006). This form of pathology is more easily identified when an individual is pathological. In this paper, the pathological group behaviour of the police is significant, especially when star status and celebrity mean criminality is overlooked. Police corruption is central to problems with celebrity paedophiles (Lee, 2009). The focus here is primarily on three cases: Jimmy Savile; Leon Brittan and the ‘missing dossier’; and rock star Ian Watkins. These cases are important given: the extent of the alleged abuse; the link to the establishment; and the direct corruption of the police in the case of Watkins. They all highlight the significance of celebrity status in enabling child sexual abuse, and how the media attempts to play a role in child protection through what can be termed ‘mediated’ child protection. In this presentation I explicate these issues in the context of conspiracy theories.
Professor Jason Lee MA DPhil SFHEA is the Head of Leicester Media School at DMU. The author/editor of over 15 books, with work translated into 12 languages, he is the author of Pervasive Perversions – paedophilia and child sexual abuse in media/culture (2005) and Celebrity, Paedophilia and Ideology in American Culture (2010).
He is currently working on a book with Palgrave Macmillan, Child Sexual Abuse and the Media – From ‘False’ to Universal Memory?

– See more at:

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The Performance Research Group and the Cinema and Television History (CATH) Research Centre present Professor Vanessa Toulmin (University of Sheffield)

Vanessa Toulmin Flyer - Walking the Tightrope 2_Page_1 Vanessa Toulmin Flyer - Walking the Tightrope 2_Page_2

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