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First Issue of Transgressive Culture now available

Current Issue (Print)Volume 1, Number 1 (October 2011), 128 pp., £10

Cover, Vol.1, No.1

Contributions by J. Matthew Boyleston, Mark Griffiths, Johnny Strike, Christopher Smith, J. Scott Grand and L.A. Hayhurst
The first issue of the Transgressive Culture journal has been published and is available from the online database. Access to single articles can be purchased for £2.50 (UK Pounds Sterling) and an annual online subscription for individuals is only £10. You can also subscribe to receive print editions in addition to your electronic access (£25) by visiting here to register a password and purchase via PayPal.

Vol 1, No 1 (2011)  Jason Lee: ‘Editorial’ [FREE ACCESS TO THIS PDF]

Poetry – J. Matthew Boyleston: ‘Poems’


Mark Griffiths: ‘Behavioural Addiction: The Case for a Biopsychosocial Approach’

Christopher Smith: ‘The Intoxication of Narcotic Modernity: Cyborg Subjectivity, Urban Space and the Media/Technology of Substance’


Johnny Strike: ‘The Methadone Clinic’

J. Scott Grand: ‘Junkie Like Me’

Lauren Hayhurst: ‘The End of Rainbow Road’

Lauren Hayhurst: ‘The End of Rainbow Road: An Exposé of Recreational Drug-use’


William Wiles: ‘Dressing for Pleasure: The Best of AtomAge 1972–1980, edited by Jonny Trunk’

Russell Williams: ‘Bret Easton Ellis, Imperial Bedrooms and Less Than Zero’

Robin Sims: ‘David Punter, Rapture: Literature, Addiction, Secrecy’

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