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Transgressive Culture Volume 2 now available

Vol 2, No 1 (2012) – ‘Madness’ and Culture Edition

Transgressive Culture (ISSN 2043-7102 print; ISSN 2043-7110 online) is an international journal published by Gylphi Limited. It concerns the limits – in all of their guises – and what lies beyond them. The journal aims include: (1) questioning the meaning and significance of transgressive culture; (2) understanding more deeply how this reflects on contemporary culture; and (3) offering an opportunity for transgressive culture to be more widely known through analysis of existing work and through generating new creative work. There are planned themed editions on addiction, sexual abuse, Hubert Selby Jr., Will Self, and J. G. Ballard.

Editorial – Open Access

Charley Baker, Jason Lee, Sarah Rossellini

Articles – Subscription or Fee Access 

Madness as a Response to our Ontological Vulnerability – Zeynep Dagli

Struggling for subversion: Service user movements and limits to the impact of client led accountability – Brian Brown, Sally Baker, Charley Baker

Misery in Modern Times: Depression in Post-Dictatorial Chile – Courtney Cuthbertson

Three Trajectories in the Encounter between Philosophy and Madness – Alistair Morgan

Mechanization, Madness, and Murder: Executing a Gendered Justice in Sophie Treadwell’s, Machinal – April Miller

The Peripheral Prophet: Social Critique and Interpersonal Insight Enabled by Madness, Minorness, and Disruption – Taylor Donnelly

The Voice of the Mad: Transgressions and Public Talk about Voice Hearing – Simon Cross

Dramatizing Madness: In Two Minds and 1960s counter-cultural politics – Sherryl Wilson

The Other Side of Madness: Charles Manson, 1969 and the Continuation of a Cult – James Riley


Imprint – Lisa Carey

ISSN: 2043-7110


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