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Open Research Seminar – Celebrity, Police Collusion and Conspiracy – Contemporary Child Sexual Abuse Scandals

Open Research Seminar, Faculty of Technology Research Seminar Series – De Montfort University. Leicester

Date and time: 1:00-2:00 pm Wednesday 10th of June 

Venue: GH3.79 ( Gateway House, De Montfort University, LE19BH)

Title : Celebrity, Police Collusion and Conspiracy – Contemporary Child Sexual Abuse Scandal

Professor Jason Lee (Leicester Media School, DMU)

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In March 2015 the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) announced an inquiry into ‘high-level corruption of the most serious nature’ including the suppression of evidence into child sexual abuse cases involving high profile figures (White 2015). Abnormal pathology can be part of celebrity culture, especially ‘erotomania’ (Redmond 2014, 115, Harper 2006). This form of pathology is more easily identified when an individual is pathological. In this paper, the pathological group behaviour of the police is significant, especially when star status and celebrity mean criminality is overlooked. Police corruption is central to problems with celebrity paedophiles (Lee, 2009). The focus here is primarily on three cases: Jimmy Savile; Leon Brittan and the ‘missing dossier’; and rock star Ian Watkins. These cases are important given: the extent of the alleged abuse; the link to the establishment; and the direct corruption of the police in the case of Watkins. They all highlight the significance of celebrity status in enabling child sexual abuse, and how the media attempts to play a role in child protection through what can be termed ‘mediated’ child protection. In this presentation I explicate these issues in the context of conspiracy theories.
Professor Jason Lee MA DPhil SFHEA is the Head of Leicester Media School at DMU. The author/editor of over 15 books, with work translated into 12 languages, he is the author of Pervasive Perversions – paedophilia and child sexual abuse in media/culture (2005) and Celebrity, Paedophilia and Ideology in American Culture (2010).
He is currently working on a book with Palgrave Macmillan, Child Sexual Abuse and the Media – From ‘False’ to Universal Memory?

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